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CrossFit Excel

A Team Fundraising Page Benefiting Barbells for Boobs
  • Team goal:
  • $15,000
  • Raised so far:
  • $4,546
  • Team Ranking:
  • 79 of 870
  • Fundraisers:
  • 26
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Crossfit gyms across the world describe their gym like one big family and the larger community like an extended family. It’s true, I can look around at the women in my 9:30 am (otherwise known as Mom:30) class and tell you their first and last name, how many children they have, their children’s names, and what school they go to. I bet most of us can do this for our fellow gym members as well (or I have a great memory). We care about each other, not just inside the four walls of Crossfit Excel, but outside of it too.

When we are down, when we are scared, when we are sick, we are there for each other, just like a family. Three of our members at Crossfit Excel have been down, scared, and sick. I am not talking flu sick or post Karen delayed onset muscle soreness, I’m talking CANCER sick. Gina Dickman, Lori Lippincott, and Andrea Pilkay all have experienced breast cancer. Gina, Lori, and Andrea have fought through an experience more difficult than any WOD imaginable. Through their battles their family has been there and we want to continue to be there for them and for the 232,340 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. It is because of their experience and bravery that Crossfit Excel is going to host it’s very first Barbell for Boobs Competition.

Barbells for Boobs mission is to save lives through early detection of breast cancer regardless of ones age, gender, or ability to pay. All of the proceeds from Crossfit Excel’s event will go directly to Barbells for Boobs, who supply mammograms to those who cannot afford them. 8 out of 10 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life time. Early detection and access is critical in saving lives.

Please consider participating in Crossfit Excel’s Barbells for Boobs event Helen meets Grace. Participation can come in the form of fundraising, exercising, and volunteering.  To Register to participate in our event,  just click on the barbells for Boob Icon on our home page upper left corner or click HERE .  To Donate to our Team click HERE. To volunteer to help out during the event send an email to

Save a pair, Save a life.

Jessica Lehr

1433 Moffat Blvd, Manteca, CA 95336


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